About tje founder of C7 Sport

Hello! I'm Columba Latina.

The world of fitness has been my passion for many years. My main focus is to find the healthy adjustments and paths to both inspire and empower all individuals to reach their personal goals.

I am a fully certified personal trainer and nutritionist health coach specialist. I have refined my fitness strategy to provide the best natural and healthy results. This means the qualified knowledge I have gained through my certification has been implemented in both my work out guides as well as clothing that is created to make individuals feel confident in their athletic journey.

My purpose of creating C7 Sport is to guide each client individually and be a supportive mentor who empowers her/him to take responsibility for their own goals and achievements.

Together, we can create amazing, long-lasting habits that can get you closer to your goals in a healthy manner. I will help you find the power of mind to body connection.
Always remember these 7 principles

1- Love yourself
2- Believe in yourself
3- Discipline your mind
4- Be consistent
5- Have a vision for your life
6- Have the power to control your thoughts
7- Your only limitations are those engraved in our minds